Custom Alterations & Garment Repair Services

Dressing well doesn’t mean you should always wear new and expensive clothes because no matter how expensive the clothes in your wardrobe are, if they don’t fit you perfectly, you eventually won’t feel confident wearing them. But with expert alterations, you’re giving your clothes, both new and old ones, an upgrade that goes beyond their original design.

If you live anywhere in Dallas or the nearby areas, and are looking for a place that does all kinds of clothing alterations, make sure to stop by Faulkner’s Cleaners. From wedding gown alterations to custom tailoring requests and a lot more, our specialists can help you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of.

We would love for you to visit us, so our staff can properly assist you with your alteration needs! You may also contact us for bookings and appointments.

When to Use Our Professional Alteration Service

Clothes That Hinder Comfort

If you find yourself constantly adjusting, tugging, or feeling discomfort while wearing certain clothes, it’s time for an alteration. Our expert tailors can modify the fit to ensure your garments not only look good but also feel incredibly comfortable.

Weight Fluctuations

Life brings changes, and weight fluctuations are entirely normal. When your favorite garments no longer fit due to weight loss or gain, a quality alteration can salvage those pieces, saving you from the frustration of a closet full of clothes that no longer suit you.

Special Occasions and Last-Minute Changes

Have a special event on the horizon or need a last-minute alteration? Our team understands that life is full of surprises. Whether it’s adjusting a dress for a special occasion or accommodating unexpected changes, Faulkner’s Cleaners is here to ensure you look your best.

Fashion Refresh

Trends come and go, and so do our style preferences. When your wardrobe needs a refresh to align with current fashion trends or your evolving taste, alterations offer a cost-effective solution. Revitalize your clothing collection without breaking the bank.

Post-Purchase Modifications

When you purchase off-the-rack, there’s often room for improvement. Altering these pieces allows you to personalize your clothing, adjusting lengths, seams, or details to achieve the perfect fit and style. Make your clothing truly yours with these post-purchase modifications.

Alterations & Repair Services We Offer

  1. Seam Repair: Discovering loose or damaged seams in your favorite garments? Our skilled tailors specialize in meticulous seam repairs, ensuring your garments look seamless and stay intact.
  2. Button & Zipper Replacement: Missing buttons or faulty zippers can be a hassle. Our alteration services include prompt and precise replacement, breathing new life into your garments, and restoring their functionality.
  3. Suit Tailoring: For a sharp, professional look, our suit tailoring services cater to every detail. From jacket adjustments to pant hemming, we ensure your suits fit like they were custom-made for you.
  4. Wardrobe Re-Sizing: Life changes, and so does your body. Our wardrobe re-sizing service allows you to adjust your entire collection to match your current size, ensuring that every piece in your closet is ready to wear and love.
  5. Hemming: Whether it’s pants, skirts, or dresses, our hemming services promise precision. Achieve the ideal length for your clothing, tailored to your preferences, providing comfort and style in every step.
  6. Wedding Gown Alterations: Your wedding day is special, and your dress should be nothing less than perfect. Our wedding dress alteration services cater to every detail, ensuring a flawless fit that complements your unique style on this memorable occasion.
  7. Custom Fittings: For a truly personalized experience, opt for our custom fittings. Our expert tailors work closely with you to create garments that reflect your individuality, ensuring a fit that’s as unique as you are.
  8. Men & Women’s Clothes: Whether you need alterations for business attire, casual wear, or formal outfits, our services cover both men’s and women’s clothing, providing a comprehensive solution for your entire wardrobe.
  9. Children’s Clothes: Growing kids mean ever-changing sizes. Our alteration services extend to children’s clothes, allowing you to keep their wardrobes in sync with their growth spurts, ensuring comfort and style at every stage.

And More! Beyond the listed services, Faulkner’s Cleaners offers a range of additional alterations to meet your specific needs. From adjusting sleeves to modifying necklines, our skilled team is equipped to handle diverse requests, ensuring your clothes always fit and feel just right.

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Sometimes, all you need to do to elevate your personal style is to make a few alterations to your clothes. But you don’t have to do it yourself – let our team at Faulkner’s Cleaners do it for you! Visit our location in Dallas, Texas for a personalized consultation and to get started on your alteration projects with us!

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How long does it take to complete an alteration?

The turnaround time for alterations depends on the complexity of the request. Simple alterations like hemming may be completed on the same day, while more intricate modifications may take a few days.

How can I schedule an appointment for alterations?

Scheduling an appointment is easy. You can visit our Dallas location, call our service line, or use our online booking system to secure a convenient time for your alteration needs.

Do you also offer repair services?

We surely do! On top of our cleaning services, we also provide repair to items like shoes, area rugs, fine suits, everyday clothing, and purses among others.

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